What's New in ASP.NET Maker 2021

ASP.NET Maker 2021 is a major upgrade from v2020 and is loaded with a bunch of new features, including many frequently requested ones. ASP.NET Maker is probably the most powerful and flexible product of its kind, and yet still easy-to-use as always.

IMPORTANT If you upgrade from previous versions, please note that there are some breaking changes in this version, make sure you read Migrating to v2021 first.


.NET 5

Use .NET 5 and net5.0 Target Framework Moniker (TFM)


Enhanced Validation

  • Validate all fields before submit
  • Show invalid feedback below the fields
  • Focus the first invalid field
  • Work with server side validation


Field Input Help Text (Custom Message)

  • Set up in Edit Tag panel (support Multi-Language), or
  • Set up by server event as CustomMsg property of field objects


Enhanced Charts



Remote Connection to MySQL/PostgreSQL via PHP script


Encrypted Connection with MySQL/PostgreSQL


Sharing Project with Other Users

  • Support GitHub (with encryption of GitHub URL, username and password)
  • Git Fetch/Pull/Push/Sync
  • Auto fetch
  • Show changes in status bar
  • Commit changes with message


Improved Custom Template

  • Faster rendering of Custom Template
  • Code Repository supports scripting for fast and complex Custom Template generation


Improved Select Tag

  • Replace HTML Select Element by Select2
  • Bootstrap 4 theme for Select2
  • Tagging with multiple selection
  • Option to require search
  • Search box for large result sets


Improved Dropdown for Radio/Checkbox Tag


Improved Toasts

AdminLTE Toasts Plugin (activated as a jQuery plugin) with different options and events.


Improved Alerts

  • Replace Bootstrap Modal alerts by SweetAlert2
  • Bootstrap 4 theme for SweetAlert2
  • Alert for export
  • Alert for session timout


Swagger UI for REST API


New Advanced Settings

  • Log SQL
  • Log error to file
  • Environment
  • Generate production appsettings.json
  • Add novalidate attribute to form
  • Connection info of production server (JSON)
  • Sort option - Toggle or Tristate
  • Invalid user name characters
  • Invalid password characters
  • Use Bootstrap switch for boolean fields
  • Use OverlayScrollbars
  • Form value count limit
  • Use SignalR (for user's own usage only)
  • Access-Control-Allow-Headers
  • API Access-Control-Allow-Headers
  • Use Swagger UI for API
  • Chart scale begin with zero
  • Chart scale minimum value
  • Chart scale maximum value
  • Git repo URL
  • Git user name
  • Git password
  • Git auto fetch
  • Git auto fetch period (seconds)
  • Prompt for Git commit message


New Server Events

  • Route_Action - For adding user defined routes
  • Api_Action - For adding user defined API actions
  • Container_Build - For adding user defined services
  • Service_Add - For adding services



  • New Html2OpenXml extension for exporting to Word document (.docx) (for registered users)
  • Query builder for building SQL by code easily
  • User Level Security supports multiple user levels for each user
  • Save locale settings in project
  • New URL connection script to simulate direct connection
  • Handle SQLite INTEGER field with CHECKBOX Edit Tag as boolean field
  • Fixed header table extension supports user permission setup page
  • CAPTCHA extensions supports two CAPTCHAs (one in page, the other in modal dialog)
  • Allow user defined string functions for selecting in View Tag
  • Support accept and capture attributes for file upload fields
  • Clear sorting in List pages by shift-clicking table column header
  • Save state of AdminLTE Sidebar
  • Show version in project history
  • Searchbox for table (Database pane)
  • Searchbox for output files (Generate form)
  • Add user DLL to project
  • Allow unloading loaded table (for "Load tables dynamically")
  • JavaScript compressor with ES6+ support
  • Moment, jQuery File Upload, TimePicker, dompdf, CKEditor, JsRender, OverlayScrollbars and tinyMCE updated
  • Many other minor improvements



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