What's New in ASP.NET Maker 2020

ASP.NET Maker 2020 is a huge upgrade from v2019. It integrates most features of ASP.NET Report Maker and is loaded with a bunch of new features, including many frequently requested ones. ASP.NET Maker is probably the most powerful and flexible product of its kind, and yet still easy-to-use as always.

IMPORTANT If you upgrade from previous versions, please note that there are some breaking changes in this version, make sure you read Migrating to v2020 first.


Summary Report

Detail and summary report

Compact summary report

Summary at different levels

  • Grouping level summary
  • Page Summary
  • Grand Summary

Crosstab Report


JavaScript Charts by Chart.js

  • Column 2D Chart
  • Bar 2D Chart
  • Pie 2D Chart
  • Line 2D Chart
  • Area 2D Chart
  • Doughnut 2D Chart
  • Multi-series Column 2D Chart
  • Multi-series Line 2D Chart
  • Multi-series Area 2D Chart
  • Multi-series Bar 2D Chart
  • Stacked Column 2D Chart
  • Stacked Area 2D Chart
  • Stacked Bar 2D Chart
  • Multi-series 2D Single Y Combination Chart (Column/Line/Area)
  • Stacked Column 2D + Line Single Y Axis Chart
  • Multi-series 2D Dual Y Combination Chart (Column/Line/Area)


Drill Down Reports and Charts

Drill down reports

Drill down charts


Dashboard Report



Grouping Intervals for Reports

Summary Report Crosstab Report
Numeric field Text field Datetime field Datetime field (for Column Headings)
  • Normal (All distinct values)
  • 10s
  • 50s
  • 100s
  • 500s
  • 1000s
  • 5000s
  • 10000s
  • Normal (All distinct values)
  • 1st Letter
  • 2 Initial Letters
  • 3 Initial Letters
  • 4 Initial Letters
  • 5 Initial Letters
  • Normal (All distinct values)
  • Quarter
  • Month
  • Week
  • Day
  • Hour
  • Minute
  • Year
  • Quarter
  • Month
  • Date
  • Date/Time
(with optional year filter for "Quarter" and "Month")


Datetime Field Filters for Reports

Relative Days Relative Day Periods Relative Weeks Relative Months Relative Years Past/Future
  • Yesterday
  • Today
  • Tomorrow
  • Last 30 days
  • Last 14 days
  • Last 7 days
  • Next 7 days
  • Next 14 days
  • Next 30 days
  • Last two weeks
  • Last week
  • This week
  • Next week
  • Next two weeks
  • Last month
  • This month
  • Next month
  • Last year
  • This year
  • Next year
  • Past
  • Future


Bootstrap Toast

Load JavaScript asynchronously and Bootstrap Spinner

Show spinner when JavaScripts are being loaded asynchonously on page load.



View PDF

IMAGE View Tag supports viewing PDF document


Show/Hide password

Supports password fields in user table pages, login, registration, change password pages.


Input group for file upload


Modal Login, Registration, Change Password, Password Recovery Dialog


NuGet Package Manager

Supports searching nuget.org for NuGet packages.


Fixed Header Table Extension (for registered users)

Supports overlay scrollbars.


New Advanced Settings

  • Use Bootstrap Toast message
  • Use Bootstrap responsive tables
  • Responsive table class
  • AdminLTE layout class
  • Use Font Awesome v4 shims
  • Embed PDF documents
  • Use JsViews

For report or chart

  • Show current filters
  • Show blank series for chart
  • Show zero values in stacked chart
  • Use popup panel for drill down
  • Show drill down filters
  • Chart column CSS class (left or right)
  • Chart column CSS class (left and right)
  • Chart color palette


New Server Events

  • Config_Init
  • Chart_Rendered (for chart)
  • Page_FilterLoad (for report)
  • Page_FilterValidated (for report)
  • Page_Filtering (for report)
  • Page_Breaking (for report)
  • Cell_Rendered (for report)



  • Import reports from ASP.NET Report Maker project to ASP.NET Maker project
  • Bootstrap 4 and AdminLTE 3 updated
  • "Lookup" permission for lookup tables
  • Allow editing non-autoincrement primary keys
  • Always reset password on password recovery for better security
  • Encrypt SMTP server username and password
  • Skip encrypted password field on removing XSS (allow characters like "&")
  • Allow disabling Remove XSS for some fields by server event
  • Sanitize internal redirect URL (e.g. changing language ID)
  • Allow overriding Custom Template by overriding helper function getTemplate()
  • Simplified template and extensions
  • Support MySQL and PostgreSQL BIT data type
  • Support MySQL and PostgreSQL JSON data type as string type
  • Allow editing/copying default permissions of User Levels (ASP.NET Maker UI)
  • Use global 64-bit Node.js automatically if available (ASP.NET Maker UI)
  • FileManager extension updated (using Rich Filemanager, for registered user only)
  • JsRender, Moment, jQuery File Upload, TimePicker, CKEditor and tinyMCE updated
  • Many other minor improvements



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