• Supports 6 database types

    MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, SQLite, Microsoft Access* on Linux or Windows web server (*must be Windows for MS Access)

  • List, Add/Copy, View, Edit, Delete, Multi-Update and Search pages

  • Modal Dialogs

    • Add/Copy, View, Edit, Delete, Multi-Update and Search pages in List page
    • Login, Registration, Change Password, Password Recovery page

  • Optional Tabular Form for Desktop Mode

  • Summary Report

    Detail and summary report

    Compact summary report

  • Crosstab Report

  • JavaScript Charts by Chart.js

    • Column 2D Chart
    • Bar 2D Chart
    • Pie 2D Chart
    • Line 2D Chart
    • Area 2D Chart
    • Doughnut 2D Chart
    • Multi-series Column 2D Chart
    • Multi-series Line 2D Chart
    • Multi-series Area 2D Chart
    • Multi-series Bar 2D Chart
    • Stacked Column 2D Chart
    • Stacked Area 2D Chart
    • Stacked Bar 2D Chart
    • Multi-series 2D Single Y Combination Chart (Column/Line/Area)
    • Stacked Column 2D + Line Single Y Axis Chart
    • Multi-series 2D Dual Y Combination Chart (Column/Line/Area)
  • Drill Down Reports and Charts

    Drill down report

    Drill down charts

  • Dashboard Report

  • Grouping Intervals for Reports

    Summary Report Crosstab Report
    Numeric field Text field Datetime field Datetime field (for Column Headings)
    • Normal (All distinct values)
    • 10s
    • 50s
    • 100s
    • 500s
    • 1000s
    • 5000s
    • 10000s
    • Normal (All distinct values)
    • 1st Letter
    • 2 Initial Letters
    • 3 Initial Letters
    • 4 Initial Letters
    • 5 Initial Letters
    • Normal (All distinct values)
    • Quarter
    • Month
    • Week
    • Day
    • Hour
    • Minute
    • Year
    • Quarter
    • Month
    • Date
    • Date/Time
    (with optional year filter for "Quarter" and "Month")
  • Datetime Field Filters for Reports

    Relative Days Relative Day Periods Relative Weeks Relative Months Relative Years Past/Future
    • Yesterday
    • Today
    • Tomorrow
    • Last 30 days
    • Last 14 days
    • Last 7 days
    • Next 7 days
    • Next 14 days
    • Next 30 days
    • Last two weeks
    • Last week
    • This week
    • Next week
    • Next two weeks
    • Last month
    • This month
    • Next month
    • Last year
    • This year
    • Next year
    • Past
    • Future
  • Linked Tables from Multiple Databases

  • Responsive Layout with Bootstrap and AdminLTE

  • Mobile Menu

  • Bootstrap Toast

  • Load JavaScript asynchronously and Bootstrap Spinner

    Show spinner when JavaScripts are being loaded asynchonously on page load.

  • Toolbar with Breadcrumbs, Vector Icons and Tooltip

  • Export to Printer-friendly, HTML, Word, Excel, CSV, XML, Email, PDF

  • Links, Button Groups, and Button Dropdowns

    Links with icons
    Button group
    Button dropdown
    Button group in paging section
    Button dropdown in paging section
  • Grid-Add, Grid-Edit, Inline-Add, Inline-Copy, and Inline-Edit

  • Master/Detail-Add/Edit/View and Multiple Master/Detail

  • Referential Integrity, Cascade Delete and Cascade Update

  • Optional Confirmation Page Before Inserting or Updating Record

  • Pagers in List/Edit/View page

  • View Tag and and Edit Tag Options

    formatted text

  • File Upload to Folder or Database (Supports Mulitple File Upload to Folder)

  • Quick Search, Extended Search and Advanced Search

  • User ID Security and User Level Security

  • User Registration System

  • Password Generator and Password Strength Meter

  • Theme with Bootstrap and AdminLTE Variables

  • Menu Editor (Support Icons)

  • Multiple Master/Detail Relationships

  • Detail Preview (Extension for Registered Users Only)

  • User CSS (Supports Sass)

  • Create, Alter and Drop Database Views and Query Builder

  • User Selectable Page Size

  • Table Row Colors

  • Add New Option to Selection List

  • Dynamic Selection List with Multiple Display and Parent/Filter Fields

  • Dropdown Selection Lists

    Multi-column Radio button list
    Multi-column Checkbox list
    Selection list (select-one) / Single column radio button list
    Selection list
  • Option Template for Dropdown Selection Lists

  • Modal Lookup Dialog (Supports Searching)

  • Auto-Suggest

    with Option Template
    with "More" link
  • Multi-Page Add/Edit/View Pages (as Tabs/Pills/Accordion)



    Collapses (Accordion)
  • Login Page (Supports Modal Dialog, Google/Facebook Login, and CAPTCHA)

  • Server Events and Client Scripts

  • Custom Template

  • Code repository

  • Multi-Language Property Editor

  • Fixed Header Table (Extension for Registered Users Only)

  • Locale Files for 70 Languages

    • Locale settings with date and time separators, date format and time zone by language
    • Locale file editor

  • Colorbox

  • Field Visibility (Extension for Registered Users Only)

  • DateTime Picker

  • Timepicker (Extension for Registered Users Only)

  • Date/Time Formats without Seconds

  • Export as native Excel/Word (Extensions for Registered Users Only)

  • Custom Fields

  • Custom View Tags

    • Google Maps (with MarkerClusterer)
    • Barcode and QR code
    • YouTube videos

  • Custom Edit Tag

  • Custom Files

  • Session Keep Alive and Session Timeout

  • Client Side Events and "fields" jQuery Plugin

  • Multi-Update Field Settings

  • Save Search Criteria

  • Cancel Button for Add/Edit/Delete/Update Pages

  • Server-side validation and/or client-side JavaScript validation

  • Field Input Help Text (Custom Message)

  • Auto Update to Latest Template (for Registered Users Only)

  • Project History

  • Auto JS Template

    Modify page content automatically on page load.


  • Import from Excel/CSV

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

    • Field Encryption extension (for registered users only) to encrypt selected fields with personal information
    • Consent and privacy page

    • Download and delete personal data page

  • Check Table and Field Variable Names

  • Nuget Package Manager

    Supports searching nuget.org for NuGet packages.

  • Sharing Project with Other Users (via GitHub)

  • More

    • Logger for logging SQL and errors
    • Synchronize project with database
    • Test generated site with HTTP.sys
    • Server-side validation and/or client-side JavaScript validation
    • Field aggregates (sum, average and count)
    • Single or multiple column sorting
    • Audit trail with log file or database table
    • Email notification on Add/Edit/Delete
    • Dynamic table loading
    • Composite key
    • Auto-Fill child fields on selecting an option for the parent selection list
    • Hashed password and case-sensitive password
    • JavaScript compressor with ES6+ support
    • XSS removal
    • Fully customizable template and extensions


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