Registered users are entitled to 6 months free email support. Technical support request should be sent to

All emails should include the follows:

  1. Is the problem reproducible? If so, provide the steps to reproduce it.
  2. What version of ASP.NET Maker are you running?
  3. What version of Window is your PC running? What is the language of the OS?
  4. What database and what version are you using?
  5. What OS is the server running? What version of .NET Core is running? (Make sure you use .NET 8.)
  6. If any error message was displayed, please include the full text of error message. If not, describe the problem in detail.
  7. Your project file (.agx file) and your database (.sql file) with enough data for reproducing the problem. Emails without project file will receive lower priority.
  8. Your license information. Emails without license information will be ignored.
Note Please note that technical support does NOT entail customization of templates or generated code, extensions, Custom Edit/View Tags, Custom Template, writing server events or client scripts (JavaScripts), integrating third-party code, setting up PHP or web server, or any other issues not directly related to the workings of the software. Request for debugging or modifying code not generated from the original template will be ignored.